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These include but not limited to: Brand/Campaign/Product launches; Store / Business Opening; Concerts; Conventions / Team Building Activities; and Industry Shows / Exhibits (see also DIRECT MARKETING).


» Conceptualization and Planning

  · Brain storming meetings for concept, production / program details including manpower outsourcing
  · Message & Theme Development
  · Concept paper creation including budget estimates for entire production coverage, and event promotion plans

» Advertising / Promotion

  This is an application of the created production
  · Media Relations
  · Media, Editorial & Online Exposure
  · Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  · Media Kit Development
  · Community Involvement Creation
  · Planning and Production of Promotion Collaterals, e.g. print & broadcast advertising campaign materials

» Project Management / Coordination

  · Meeting and organizing of involved personnel in the event production
  · Overseeing of preparatory activities and requirements including sets, props, fixtures, accessories, production rehearsals, ingress, egress, presentation materials, and other related details depending on arrangement

» On-Event Management

  Overseeing all activities and details during date(s) of event, ensuring that all if not most of planned activities and details are executed excellently



» Strategic Planning

  · Research and Competitive Intelligence
  · Positioning
  · Marketing Communication Plan Creation

» Branding

  · Brand Identity & Positioning
  · Graphic Identity / Logo Creation
  · Logo Analysis and Recommendation
  · Tagline / Slogan Development

» Advertising and Merchandising

  Advertising Campaign Creation and Launching Creation and execution of marketing plans
  · Applications: Print, Radio, Television, & Online Ads; Live Announcements; Jingles; Broadcast ads / plugs; Outdoor & Indoor Advertising; Billboards
  · Audio-visual presentation production; Printed Materials; Newsletter / Reports; Magazines; - Yearbook; Photobook; Brochures & Flyers; Calendars; Posters; Invitations; Business Cards; Menu

» Direct Marketing

  This is specific to a single business entity involvement in an industry show which may also be part of a larger show. See also EVENTS.
  · Exhibit Booth Concept & Design
  · Message & Theme Development
  · Sponsorship programs
  · Sales presentations



» Copywriting

  · Storyboard content development
  · Production script (incl. Technical Script for events)
  · Website /page content
  · Blog articles
  · Slogans and Ad copy
  · Corporate profile development
  · Press Releases
  · Search Engine Optimization write-ups

» Graphics Designing

  Design concepts for print and online applications

» Printing

  · File Management
  · Production Management

» Photography

  Location/ studio footage for Product merchandising, Audio-Visual presentations/ production, advertising and corporate collaterals; Event documentation

» Logistics